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Today, children WHO are born deaf or hard of hearing can learn to speak and hear.

With hearing aids and cochlear implant technology, even profoundly deaf children can experience sound, and with listening and spoken language therapy/education, talk like their hearing peers. By offering family resources, scholarships, leadership programs for teens, a new parent hotline and more - AG Bell is committed to helping children, teens and adults with hearing loss thrive and live a life without limits.

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Now Hear This! Facts about Hearing Loss

  • In the US, by law, all newborns should receive a hearing screening before they leave the hospital.
  • Hearing loss can be caused by genetic or environmental factors, due to illness or be unexplained.
  • The human brain is programmed to learn language during the first six years of life - with the first three years being the most critical.
  • Children whose hearing loss is detected early and who receive appropriate early intervention have an excellent chance to develop clear speech and important life skills alongside their hearing peers.
  • For children with hearing loss, there are four primary communication options, which may be used in combination: Listening and Spoken Language, Cued Speech, American Sign Language, Total Communication.